From January 2020 Wolds Psychology is Carbon Positive!

I strongly believe that we need to look after the planet.  To help with this I have ensured that Wolds Psychology is a carbon positive company.

I have teamed up the amazing people at Offset Earth to achieve this.  I am now considered a Carbon Positive workforce.  Not only am I covering my own Carbon emissions for my commute to work and the my activities in the office, I am also offsetting the carbon emissions of everyone who drives to come and see me. I offset enough carbon for upto 90,000 miles each year so everyone is easily covered twice over!

Offset Earth offset carbon emissions via different projects each month (see here for more details) and in addition to that they also plant thousands of trees via the Eden Reforestation Project.  Each month Wolds Psychology helps plant 48 Mangrove trees! 

To see how how the Wolds Psychology forest is doing please visit

I have also ensured that the electricity that is used to heat and light my office comes from 100% renewable sources.  Thanks to OPUS energy for this!   Please click on this link to see their mix of renewable energy.




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