Covid 19

Have you been affected by COVID-19?


The last year has been particularly difficult with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting us all in different ways. It is likely that we are starting to already notice the effect it is having on our mental health as we all have to live in such uncertain times. 


Since last year I have been working directly with those affected by COVID-19 within a local NHS trust and therefore have direct experience of providing help to those in this situation.


If you have been affected yourself, such as having had COVID-19 and experiencing mental health difficulties as a result of your experiences or now having long COVID symptoms, therapy may be a helpful option for you in relation to your mental health. 


It may also be the case that you are a family member of someone who has had COVID-19, or sadly lost someone to the virus.


Indeed for many it could be that prior problems are being made worse by the uncertainty and unpredictability created by the lockdowns and loss of social support networks and coping strategies.


If you feel you would benefit from psychological therapy addressing these areas then please get in touch with me to discuss. 

The NHS has created a very useful website called 'Your COVID Recovery' that you may find helpful if you have had COVID-19 yourself - click NHS link below