What next?

1.  Initial free consultation

Contact me for an initial consultation by phone, email, text message or the contact field on the website. I will arrange a convenient time with you to have a 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss what you are looking for and what I can offer you. If I think I can offer you what you need based on our discussion we will look to making an assessment appointment.

2. The Assessment Appointment

The aim of this appointment is to get a good sense as to your main areas of current difficulty, any past experiences that may be contributing to this and what your goals for therapy would be. These appointments last up to 90 minutes. On occasion we may need to meet more than once for a fuller in depth assessment. One of the outcomes of the assessment may be that we determine the therapy that would be helpful for you and we will commence psychological therapy sessions.

3. Ongoing Therapy Appointments

 I will endeavour to find a time that is convenient for you for ongoing sessions on a weekly basis. We will complete a therapy contract so that we both sign up to the same agreement in terms of when we will meet, the cancellation policy and how to pay for ongoing sessions.

4.  Reviews

It is very important that we regularly review our therapy work and ensure that it is working for you. I will build in regular reviews with you to ensure the therapy is going in the direction we hoped. This may include filling out questionnaires as well as a discussion between us. This will include us reviewing the therapy at the end when you feel your goals have been met.