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​Eye Movement Desensitisation

and Reprocessing

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I am an accredited EMDR practitioner. I offer EMDR for a range of difficulties including those who are experiencing difficulties relating to PTSD and complex trauma

EMDR is a therapy to relieve psychological distress. Originally developed for those experiencing symptoms of PTSD it is now becoming widely used for a range of difficulties. The therapy uses bilateral stimulation at its core to help an individual process the traumatic and difficult memories that are at the centre of their current distress. This could be as a result of a single incident that has been traumatic. Or it might be that you have experienced a number of traumatic incidences. This also might be where someone has difficulties in their early relationships or in their ‘attachments.’ EMDR is a widely recognised therapy and can be very effective. 

One of the great benefit of seeing a Psychologist is that the core training covers a range of different therapeutic approaches. I have also had further specific training in EMDR and DBT.

I have a range of different EMDR equipment to ensure that the way in which we deliver the bilateral stimulation is suited to you.

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