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Autism Assessments 

If you are an adult seeking to understand if you have Autism, then please contact me to discuss an assessment


The assessment itself is in two parts – an initial screen and, if then recommended, the full assessment. 


Initial Screening:

At the initial screen we would meet for an extended assessment (approximately 90 minutes – 2 hours). I will also ask you to complete some questionnaires before the appointment. The information gathered from the questionnaires and appointment will  help to determine whether it is worth pursuing a full diagnostic assessment for autism. If this is not suggested, I will provide other assessment or therapy recommendations as appropriate. The cost of the screen is £350. 


Full Assessment:

If it is decided that a full assessment for autism is recommended, and you wish to continue this with myself, then we would meet for further appointments. This includes meeting with someone who has known you a long time who could recall what you were like in childhood i.e. parents or a sibling. If this isn’t possible, we will work with who knows you best. At this point any old school reports or previous assessment reports you may have had would also be useful to see. I always liaise with colleagues to ensure rigour and an multidisciplinary approach to your assessment. The cost of the full assessment includes a full report with recommendations. The cost of a full assessment is £1350 which includes the cost of the screening appointment. 


If you wish to discuss an autism assessment or have any questions, please do contact me.

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