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I offer individual psychological therapy in my therapy room in Market Weighton in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Individual therapy: Welcome

My experience and training allows me to work out a treatment plan that is individual and tailored to you. My main approaches include:


CBT is a widely known therapy and looks to understand the way in which our thoughts and actions influence the way in which we feel and interact in the world. It is a therapy that looks at the here and now and also where some of our thinking patterns and behaviours come from in our past.  CBT uses tools and strategies to help overcome a range of difficulties related to anxiety and depression. It is a therapy recommended in many of the NICE guidelines for anxiety and depression.


DBT is a structured therapy designed originally to help those with problems with regulating their emotions, high distress and interpersonal difficulties. However the skills and strategies it teaches can be used for a range of difficulties.  Usually DBT is delivered in a group programme. What I can offer is an integrated approach looking at how we can use the DBT skills of Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness in our work together as required.


CFT is an approach that aims to overcome difficulties with self criticism, shame and anger. It offers a different evolutionary perspective on the way our brains are made as human beings. By teaching us about the principles of compassion and a range of strategies and skills this has a positive effect on us and our relationship with our distress and difficulties. 


EMDR is a therapy to relieve psychological distress. Originally developed for those experiencing symptoms of PTSD it is now becoming widely used for a range of difficulties.  The therapy uses bilateral stimulation at its core to help an individual process the traumatic and difficult memories that are at the centre of their current distress. This could be as a result of a single incident that has been traumatic. Or it might be that you have experienced a number of traumatic incidences. This also might be where someone has difficulties in their early relationships or in their ‘attachments.’ EMDR is a widely recognised therapy and can be very effective. 

One of the great benefit of seeing a Psychologist is that the core training covers a range of different therapeutic approaches. I have also had further specific training in EMDR and DBT.

I am passionate about helping others overcome the difficulties they are having. Sometimes we don’t know what is causing us to feel distressed and I can help explore with you what is going on for you and work with you to find a way through this.  It is not always easy to take the first step.  

It may feel difficult to make time to work on yourself, or perhaps scary to consider facing difficult experiences you may need to work through. If you want a space to consider how therapy can help you with this then contact me for an initial consultation to discuss. I work online as well as face to face.

Individual therapy: Services
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