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I offer individual therapy online via
a number of different platforms
(e.g Zoom, Skype, FaceTime)

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Wolds Psychology offers online therapy sessions.

This means that you can access therapy wherever you are, which is a benefit for those who can't always attend regular face to face sessions. 

What it can help with

Online therapy can help with most problems that you would come to see a therapist face-to-face for. 

Times when online counselling would not be suitable include if you are feeling suicidal, are actively self harming and in a crisis situation. In addition I would not advise online therapy for those who may have serious mental health problems such as a psychosis, or who have problems with an addiction. In these situations working face to face would be more beneficial and safer for you and the therapist. 

If we find that your needs change throughout the course of therapy and any of the above problems or other needs emerge that mean online therapy may no longer be appropriate we will discuss this and make a plan together as to how we manage this.

The Benefits

Having therapy online can be more convenient and offers some benefits over face to face sessions. You may have to travel frequently for work, or you may wish to find a therapist who you don't live near to. You may work shifts and be unable to commit to a particular time each week, or you may be having difficulties leaving the house. 

There are many reasons why online therapy may be a good choice for you. There is a concern from some that seeing a therapist through a computer screen might not be the same or as good as seeing someone in the same room. However, feedback and research to date suggests that the relationship and communication with the therapist is just as effective online. Online therapy also means we can be more flexible and work around your schedule and needs. 

Which Platform/App?

I use a number of different platforms to facilitate online therapy.​

These include but are not limited to:-




-What's App

Each app has its pros/cons and I will discuss this with you to decide upon which platform will be best for the proposed sessions.

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