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Supervision & consultation: Welcome

I provide supervision to other professionals in the mental health field. I also offer consultation to organisations and teams.


I can offer psychological consultation to teams and organisations. I have had experience of working into different teams providing a range of strategies and interventions to help them with any difficulties they may be having. This may be addressing the culture of the organisation, any conflict that may be occurring or ways to increase psychological or reflective capacity in team members.


I have experience of supervising a range of professionals in the mental health field. I am available for face to face or online supervision. Please contact me to discuss your needs and how I can help.

Traumatic incidents in the workplace

I have experience of offering help to teams where a traumatic incident has occurred that the team may be struggling with. This may be a large incident that has occurred in the workplace, or even relatively minor accidents that have had a lasting impact. Defining something as a traumatic incident will depend on the staff, on the circumstances and on the consequences of the incident.

I can offer a range of options in these circumstances:​

- A reflective team session or ‘debrief’: A chance for those affected by the traumatic experience to meet together as a group. Aims of this would be to think about how they are managing as a team, coping mechanisms that may be useful, providing each other with the opportunity to process what has happened and support one another. 

- Individual sessions with affected staff members using trauma therapy models

- A combination of the two approaches outlined above. 

Please contact me for a consultation as to what would be most helpful for your team or organisation and to discuss fees and arrangements.

Supervision & consultation: Service
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